Industries We Serve

Morgan Textiles sells and converts nonwoven textiles for many industries including, Apparel, Home Furnishings, Screen Printing / Embroidery and Printing.

We specialize in embroidery backings, specialty backings, fusible interlinings, printing substrates, fabric stabilizers, furniture nonwovens and much more.  See more in the sections below.


luxury suit in shop
  • Nonwoven Fusible Interlinings

  • Nonwoven Sew-In Interlinings

  • Knit-Fusible Interlinings

Home Furnishings

Pleated shades size XL, Coulisse, 50mm fold, close up on the window, white color, white background. Modern pleated blinds, luxury sun protection and window decoration.
  • Window Treatments:

  • Cellular

  • Black-Out Lining

  • Fabric Stabilizers

  • Furniture Nonwovens

  • Drapery Buckram

  • Fabric Stiffeners (Woven and Nonwoven)

Screen Printing / Embroidery

screen printer loaded with shirts
    • Test Prints (Pellons)

    • Embroidery Backings: (Available in rolls or pre-cut pieces in a variety of weights)

    •  Cutaway

    •  Cutaway / Washaway

    •  Tearaway

    •  Tearaway / Washaway

    •  Cap Backing

    • Specialty Backings:

    •  Peel & Stick

    •  No-Show

    •  No-Show Fusibles

    •  Nonwoven Fusibles

    •  Water Soluble Toppings & Backings

    •  Emblem Film & Stiffener

    •  Two-Sided Fusible For Appliques

    •  Cover-Up

    •  Flame Resistant Backing

    • Heat Away Topping

    • Fusible Web (Adhesive)

Printing Substrates

Very big printer during color sample phase, massive vinyl rolls,

100% Polyester Nonwovens

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